Diary Blog
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Fickle Finders

Diary Blog of the Fickle Finders


Nothing is better than having your own mind to think with. People always try to push, shove and cram their agendas and ideas our way, but Joe and I are finally pushing back! Well, sort of, anyhow.

We are launching this Diary Blog to let the world know that WE EXIST, even though it's kind of a secret what we are up to. We don't know how other "secret societies" make themselves known, but we are trying to start somewhere. 



Joe just told me it's NOT a secret if I'm blogging about having a secret society so I guess our cover is blown already before we even got started! THAT SUCKS! :(

But I don't see how we could let people know about what we find out if we don't put it up anywhere! UGH! This is making my head hurt already!


Anyways, I’m Nina, and I do most of the blogging—because—uh—because I can.


Joe is my best friend, and he can barely hold a pencil right because he has this weird left-handed lean he does. That doesn’t stop him from typing on a computer, of course, but he’s still not as good at blogging as I am.


Now where was I?

Oh yea...well...our secret society has now been officially launched and born into this odd world of ours because we HAVE questions and we WANT answers! We honestly don’t have many limits about what we want to know about—just to be clear!


I mean, if we want to find out if jelly fish are really made of jelly…we might go find one and see if it spreads good on some toast with peanut butter!


If we want to know if aliens are probing our neighbors for answers, we might tackle an alien and question him for probing so much!


If we want to know if God will take us out of the picture if we don’t wear our best Sunday clothes to Church, then we just might test out that theory!


If we want to know why there are germs at hospitals that can make people sicker…we might go scrape up some germs and spread it on some toast to see if we get sick, too!



Okay so that last one is a lie because this is the only site our parents would let us blog on, a freaking DIARY BLOG site! It’s also why we can’t put our last name up here…so uh…yea we came up with some "blogger" names we have to get used to.

~NimbleNina and JumpnJoe



SO...it seems that a TON of people really got into our groove with our first official Fickle Finders Investigation! People were dropping all over the place laughing their butts off and I take NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY BUTTS ACTUALLY FALLING OFF!

Just so we are clear!

But, I really can't blame anyone for getting a kick out of the fun Joe and I had. We know how to find answers, without being all serious all of the time—but we can still take a serious topic seriously—I think!

I don't know what I'm writing here. So uh, anyhow...we were just about to gear up for our next obvious adventure when we got sidetracked.

I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone who hasn't read about it yet, but we did the unexpected, yet again.
But if we did as was expected, we wouldn't be the Fickle Finders—now would we?

So, this should be expected—I think. But don't worry, we will tackle our next big adventure very soon as planned out in our hairy minds!

In fact, we've already started, but Joe got into some trouble again so he's on punishment that halted us from moving forward for a week!

His parents think it's a punishment for him if he has to stay indoors. But I just pull my TV up to my window, toss him a remote and he plays video games with me all day long! (We live next door to each other--for those of you who don't know)!

But we will get back to our new investigation soon enough! Until then my Fifi's!!!

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